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Enabler of technical solution for our client to achive their goal

About us

Who We Are!

GTALabs is a lean organization provides solution in the field of healthcare and retail by leveraging cutting edge technology. GTALabs as an accelerator working on solutions that could disrupt healthcare system to bring the benefits to the end user.

GTALabs as an organization we also work on various solutions that bring the benefits of NLP, Machine learning & cloud computing to every customer at the affordable cost and enable them to level play with competitors on the common ground.

What We Do

As consultant & solution provider work closely with the client to understand the current short coming & expectations to design and deliver a solution that will accelerate their future.

  • System & solution design consultation
  • Development & delivery
  • Cloud solutions provider

Our Services

Web Design

According to aesthetic of customer and audience we deliver high quality design.


HTML design conversion will include high precision responsive design for various devices.

Web Development

According to the customer requirement, we leverage Microsoft technology to deliver the solution.

Web Hosting

Based on the customer needs we also provide hosting solution and we also assist our customer on the vendor/cloud hosting solutions as well.

App Design

We deliver designs which follow heuristic design principles to make it user friendly.

App Development

Solutions are provided for both android and iOS platform.

Cloud Solution

We work on solution that utilized cloud provides like AWS, Azure, IBM & Google (Cloud first approach, migration, hybrid design).


We work on various aspects like requirement, solution design, system & architecture design and database design.

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